In 1954 Warren “Binky” Greenwood had a vision. His vision was to fit children who had any sort of orthotic, foot  & or leg brace into a shoe that would be custom fitted through quality construction, depth, wide & extra wide widths to help them grow without pain and foot issues.To this day, specific shoe widths are difficult to find. Stop by Greenwood Shoes today for a fine selection of AAAA through 6E widths with extra depth toe box available in some styles.

We have specialized in fitting shoes for 62 years and counting. Our staff has over 110 years of combined professional experience of fitting shoes for customers wearing or having orthotics, foot braces, leg braces, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuropathy, fallen arches, flat feet, bunions, mallet toes, diabetes, gout, and many other foot related issues.

We have had several locations throughout Acadiana over the past 62 years. Since 1975, 434 Jefferson St. Lafayette, LA has been our main location. This location is a one stop shop; we can fit the whole family from the new born, to children of all ages up to great grandparents. Our second location at 105 Arnold Blvd.,  Lafayette, LA specializes in children up to size 3 in dress & casual shoes. We also have a full line of dance wear shoes including tap, Jazz, ballet, character, and pointer shoes at this location.

Feel free to stop on by at either location for a quality fitting by one of our professional shoe fit consultants, (434 Jefferson for adults and or kids) & (105 Arnould Blvd kid’s only). A proper fit is a product of the correct measuring technique and a catalog of available shoes with depth, narrow and wide width options in stock. Greenwood Shoes has served Acadiana and abroad since 1954, and we’re here to serve you.