Shoe Choices for Diabetics

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Diabetes has been a growing health concern in the United States for decades, now affecting nearly 10 percent of the population. But blood sugar levels, insulin, and weight management are the only concerns when treating diabetes; it’s also important to take care of one’s extremities, and the feet are no exception. Special diabetic shoes can address the concerns of patients with diabetes by providing the right kinds of support, keeping the ankle, arch, and heel well-supported, in addition to being made of breathable fabric that keeps the foot cool and comfortable.

Of course, shoes aren’t just a tool for providing foot support for diabetics: they’re an integral part of your sense of style, and different situations obviously call for different types of shoes—you wouldn’t wear dress shoes for a run in the park. Many diabetes patients are dismayed at the thought of buying special diabetic shoes to help treat their condition, but in truth, your style and shoe needs can stay intact while wearing diabetic shoes. Several unique shoe manufacturers now address the needs of diabetics by offering shoes for a variety of styles and situations, from casual sneakers to work boots and dress shoes. A quality shoe store in Lafayette LA like Greenwood Shoes will offer a range of diabetic shoes that are sure to match your taste and needs.

Just because your doctor prescribes diabetic shoes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your work or play style. Look for an experienced, high-quality, local vendor to be sure that you’re getting a great selection of diabetic shoes that fit your needs perfectly.

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