Custom Width Shoes for Children

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Many parents are aware of the issues with pain, discomfort, and stability that can arise from wearing the wrong size shoes. For them, custom width shoes, or other specialty products like orthotics, can help combat these difficulties. However, fewer parents are aware of the issues that can arise from fitting a child with the wrong shoe size. In fact, poorly-fitting shoes on a child can cause just as much damage and discomfort, and due to the fact that a child’s foot is constantly growing and developing, can possibly even be more damaging.

It’s especially important to make sure that a child is wearing the correct shoe size because their feet are not actually formed by bone until the age of 5-7. As infants and young children, their feet are composed mostly of soft cartilage, which gradually forms into bone as they age. It’s in these formative years that parents need to take special care to ensure that their shoes for children are the correct size, in both length and width. Failure to fit a child with the correct shoe size can lead to foot pain, blisters, corns, and possibly even long-term issues with shoe discomfort and foot stability.

Parents often purchase shoes for their children that are a bit longer to accommodate for future growth—no one wants to buy new shoes for children every couple of months. However, they should also take width into account, as shoes that are too narrow or wide can be just as uncomfortable, and require purchasing new shoes sooner than necessary.

Although shoes for children  with wider or narrower widths can be purchased online from a huge retailer, the best way to receive fool-proof service is to visit a local shoe store in Lafayette LA that offers fitting services and custom width shoes. Speaking with a fitting professional, in person, will ensure a level of communication, trust, and accuracy in fitting that you simply can’t get from a big-box retail store or online purchase.

If you’re worried about fitting your child with the correct shoe size, visit the professionals at Greenwood Shoe Store in Lafayette, LA to receive the personal, customized service that only a local retailer can offer.

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