Custom Width Shoes: Comfort for All

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Wearing standard width shoes for those with wider feet can feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Many people with wider feet don’t even realize it, and instead simply buy shoes that are several sizes too long and too narrow, thinking the length will compensate for the width. However, this is not a great solution—wearing the incorrect shoe size can affect your walking posture and comfort, and ultimately only leads to more problems like (plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuropathy, and fallen arches; these are just to name a few). The solution: visiting a shoe store Lafayette LA, like Greenwood Shoes, that provides fitting for custom width shoes.

If you frequently go shopping for a new pair of shoes only to come out empty-handed because you can’t seem to find a pair that is both stylish and comfortable, it may be worth looking into custom width shoes. Our feet actually grow wider and longer as we age, beyond simple growth spurts. So if you’re finding it harder and harder to locate a pair of well-fitting shoes, you may be experiencing natural foot growth as you age. Smaller shoe stores—usually locally-owned retail locations as opposed to big box stores—more frequently offer professional custom shoe fitting services to ensure that you’re wearing the appropriate shoe size and width.

Greenwood Shoe Store in Lafayette, LA is an excellent choice for those needing custom width shoes. Offering custom fitting services as well as an extensive range of hard-to-find shoe sizes—AAAA through 6E widths in various brands—customers requiring custom widths will find what they’re looking for. Visit Greenwood Shoe Store for the personal experience and product knowledge that only a locally-owned shoe store Lafayette LA can provide.

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