Custom Width Shoes: Are Your Shoes the Right Size?

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It happens more often than you might think: you buy a new pair of shoes online, only to have your excitement turn into disappointment when the fit is uncomfortable. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something feels off about the fit: they feel too small, but you ordered the same size as always, so what’s going on? Many customers often overlook the width of a shoe in determining which size they should buy. Feeling that the fit is a bit snug, they order a size up, but this isn’t always the answer. That’s where custom width shoes come in.


Simply returning tight shoes and getting a larger size doesn’t always address the problem since it typically just results in shoes that are comfortable width-wise, but too long at the toe. Shoes that are too large can be just as uncomfortable as those that are too small, causing imbalances, instability, and a foot that moves around too much inside the shoe as you walk, leaving you with little support and a higher risk of pain and injury over time. If you find yourself in this situation, custom width shoes are a helpful solution.


Since all feet are not created equal, and shoes are typically manufactured at an average width, those with feet that are either wider or narrower than the average can face difficulty in finding just the right fit. Big box stores and large online retailers may have a great selection, but they fail to offer the custom fitting services that smaller, local shoe stores can provide. Custom fitting services are perfect for those with wider or narrower feet since they allow the shoe to be tailored to exactly the right size, eliminating the frustrating struggle of sizing up or down to find a comfortable width.


If you’re in need of custom width shoes, consider visiting Greenwood Shoes, a shoe store in Lafayette LA that specializes in personal service, providing professional fitting as well as specialty products such as shoes for diabetes and plantar fasciitis. Find the shoes that are perfect for you, and your feet will thank you.

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