Custom Shoe Fitting vs. Big Box Stores

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Not all shoes are created equal. No one knows this better than those who need specialty shoes: whether they’re custom width shoes, shoes for plantar fasciitis, or diabetic shoes, sometimes you need footwear that you just can’t find at a large corporate retail store. Finding custom fit shoes is one of those situations where you’re more likely to find your perfect shoes by visiting an independent retailer rather than a big box corporate store.

First, big box retailers often don’t stock specialty shoes, like custom fitted shoes, or they don’t even offer custom fitting services. These stores are solely focused on moving as much product as possible, so they only stock styles that are guaranteed to sell. This may be fine for the average consumer, but those needing custom width shoes will be left out to dry.

Second, an independent retailer can provide the personal touch and attention that a big box store just can’t offer. Large stores are beholden to corporate practices that prevent employees from giving too much special attention to customers, but a smaller, independent retailer can work much more closely with its customers to ensure that they get the products they need, at the level of service they deserve.

If you’re in need of custom width shoes, visit Greenwood Shoes, a shoe store in Lafayette LA that can cater to your individual needs with a personal touch. Your feet will thank you for it.

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